Nowdays people are pursuing high quality life style including unique and special interior designs.Obviously fireplace becomes a more and more important part in everyday life.
There are a great deal of fireplaces in 2021 trends right now. For the most part, they are linear and clean, which can be challenging to blend into traditional decorating.
Personally, I love the elegant and natural movement fire that a fireplace can bring to a room!

Most designs with a liner fireplaces are accepted by designers.
This linear trend is very sharp. I’m seeing lots of clean lines and solid pieces of marble surrounding the fireplace. This contemporary look also brings the hearth flush with the stone exterior.Linear fire flames jumps up and down movement to makes the people thinking move also.

While the linear fireplace trend is popular with ethanol fireplaces and 3d vapor fires, some are even updating a more traditional wood-burning fireplace with sleek, modern finishes. Think: a solid veneer, a mantle that’s flush to the veneer, and use of monochromatic elements like all-white marble and tile surrounding the hearth for a linear look.

Along with the linear trend, you’ll see big fireplace walls. The hearth and finishings will take up a floor-to-ceiling expanse and be a wall in and of itself. It’s a bold, elegant look that is quite dramatic. And you know how I love drama in a room!
Add a mirror above the fireplace to reflect the light around the room and make a large wall appear even larger. You can also create a statement with a large-scale piece of art, layered pictures, vases, or other objet d’art that draws the eye upward.

Another big trend, especially combined with a linear look, is the installation of a corner fireplace. It can act as a slight “screen” to separate two rooms or it can be incorporated into the wall. Especially as more and more homes are embracing an open floor plan, expect to see many corner fireplaces. The open floor plan (and often modern, linear look) lends itself to corner fireplaces so you can enjoy warmth and the view almost anywhere in the room.
This is especially popular with ethanol fireplaces as it’s easy to install a ethanol fireplace in interior rooms where a fireplace didn’t exist before.

Another fireplace trend that’s not going away any time soon is a larger hearth opening. Not only does it convey elegance and prestige (“Look how big that fireplace is!”) it adds so much warmth, both literally and figuratively, to the room. It’s an eye-catching and dramatic look, especially when framed with lighter stonework to highlight the large, dark shape.

Fireplaces are no longer reserved for rustic cabins and rooms! Fireplaces now are more versatile than ever before.Which trend do you like the best?

Fireplace Trends:Add Elegant To Your Designs