Art 3D Water Vapor Fires–New Concept Of Fire

As Intelligent Fireplaces Manufacturer,we have huge range models.

2019 Art 3D Water Vapor Fireplaces  Featured Functions:
1. Easy Control:Button ON/OFF and Remote control and Wifi Control
2. Material in stainless and MDF
3. Flame Height Adjustable
4. Flame Mutipile Colors(optional)
5. LED Light
6. Automatic Fill The Tank
7. Green Energy Conservation
8. With audio effect
9. Overvoltage protecting and power leakage protecting functions
10.Child Lock Function

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3D water vapor fireplaces with remote controller

water stream fireplaces with remote controller

Inspirations ecological fire: the mix of the cultures and the atmospheres!This will be a great idea for super interior fire space design!
We can conceive all decorations with these new fire-devices.Really Nice idea to own a modern intelligent 3D water vapor fireplace–Luxury Designs!
Bring the intimate atmosphere of this beautiful mist fireplace in your home and enjoy the pure coziness.
With flames of art Fireplace,Sitting together,Sharing the Happiness and Success with Your Family and Partners while drinking red wines,Talking,Playing,Laughing…That must be Great!!!

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Reference Output




















Tank capacity



















L x W x H












Minimum volume *










AF40 2650 0.35 3.7 40*24*21.5 12.0 35
AF50 2850 0.4 2.0 50*24*13.5 10.5 42
AF66 3750 0.6 4.0 66*24*13.5 14 59
AF100 6200 0.9 5.7 100*24*13.5 20 90
AF120 7500 1.1 12.4 122*24*21.5 30 105
AF150 10000 1.5 15.7 152*24*21.5 40 120
AF180 12400 1.9 19.0 182*24*21.5 50 140
AF200 14000 2.1 21.0 210*24*21.5 65 150
AF220 15600 2.3 23.0 230*24*21.5 78 160
AS50 8750 1.2 9.0 50*50*21.5 25 130
AH66 3750 0.6 4.0 110*27.5*56 37 50
AH100 6200 0.9 5.7 144*27.5*56 47 80

Colors Available:

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