No chimney? No problem! Bio ethanol fireplaces–also known as gel fuel fireplaces–bring the aesthetic benefits of an open flame to any home, without all the headaches associated with wood burning fireplaces.
There is a growing trend at the moment of including fireplaces in modern home design. Once a rather costly endeavor, the modern bio ethanol fireplace makes it possible for every home to enjoy the aesthetic benefits of an open flame — without the need for adding expensive ventilation or the headache of daily maintenance.

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Here are the key advantages to owning a bio ethanol fireplace:


Whether you look for a wall or tabletop fireplace, bio ethanol options exist and the system is actually included in some of the most attractive, contemporary and exquisite designs. We can say that the bio ethanol fireplaces stand out as a piece of art that you will love even when they are not turned on. Rooms do need focal points and the use of these fireplaces makes it easy to gain a focal point that is very stylish, in any room of the house.

Environmentally Friendly

Rest assured that you help protect the environment when you buy a bioethanol fireplace. It is something that you have to consider at all times since the regular fireplace will increase global warning while also adding to habitat loss and deforestation. The bio fuel you use will be derived from starch crops and sugar crops. Fire will burn clean and no tree will be cut in order for you to have fire.

No Maintenance Needed

With bio ethanol fireplaces you do not need to keep poking at the fire, as you would with wood burning. In addition, you do not have to clean ash and soot. All that you really need to do to keep the fire open is to add more fuel.

No Ventilation Needed

This is definitely one of the greatest things with the bio ethanol fireplaces. You can easily place them wherever you want as oxygen levels will not be diminished, smoke will not be created and air quality is not affected. There is practically no need for ventilation. If you want to, you can buy such a fireplace for any room inside your home. That is possible even if there are absolutely no windows and you live in an apartment. As you can easily imagine, the fireplace is also great for restaurants, boutiques and businesses in general.


The wood burning fire is actually bad for health. If you do not really care about the environment, you surely care about your health or the health of pets or family members. Wood fire will emit invisible particles and they are linked to cancer, asthma, lung disease, heart disease and many other conditions. The bio ethanol fireplace will never cause such a health problem. This is definitely an important thing to consider.


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The Benefits of Intelligent Bio Ethanol Fireplaces