Your living space can be greatly enhanced by the appeal of a fireplace to all visitors passing by. Art Fireplace focus on intelligent ethanol fireplaces and water vapor fires.All models can be used for luxury and modern interior designs for hotel lobby,appartment,villa,home owners,architectors.

Art Design automatic ethanol fireplace AF180

Pretty as a picture, and twice as alive. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel, you soon will be, and it is an extremely attractive option, made even more so by the marriage of modern design sensibilities and new technology. Because ethanol fireplaces are convenient to own, use, and maintain, the technology lends itself to the idea of three-dimensional features. Without the need to cut into the wall for a recessed mount, these ethanol wall mounted fireplaces are able to hang securely with the least amount of construction work possible and pop from the wall with artistic flair. The sleek, elegant lines of modern curves mingle beautifully with the living flicker of natural flame.

Eco-friendly bio-ethanol fuel burns clean, giving off no toxic gasses or other harmful emissions. In fact, the only byproducts are a bit of water vapor and a small amount of carbon dioxide, meaning that each of these ethanol fireplace wall mounts are completely self-sustained, independent fireplace features with no need for venting, gas lines, power plugs, or ash chutes. All you need to do is fill the reservoir with the provided funnel, wipe up any spillage, and light. This gives you the freedom to place any one of these modern art masterpieces anywhere you want relaxing ambiance and the warm, comforting embrace of living flame.

Art Ethanol Fires For Modern Interior Designs