An ethanol fireplace is a very modern fireplace that receives a lot of attention these days. The popularity is a clear result of three advantages. If you’re considering purchasing an ethanol fireplace, you might want to know more about art fireplaces.
When we consult clients with regards to ethanol fireplaces, we almost always cover three distinctive advantages:

They are flueless and produce no soot, ashes or smoke
They give real flames & produce a good amount of heat
They are easy to install & use
A flueless fireplace
The single most important reason that our customers choose an ethanol fireplace is quite simple: they require no flue.

It’s not possible for every home to establish a chimney. Often, the installation becomes to complicated and expensive. As a result, the customers seek out alternatives – most often the ethanol fireplace.

The ethanol fireplace is ventless due to the fuel, bioethanol. When burning the fuel, no smoke, soot or ashes are produced. The flames are so clean allowing the fireplace to be lit without any need for a vent.And the burner will be refilled automaticly,the burning time come to 7-24 hours.

As opposed to woodburning stoves, no dangerous particles are emitted, and the emissions are composed of water, heat and an insignificant amount of Carbon Dioxide.
Authentic flames with good heat
Seeking an alternative to a woodburning stove or even a gas fireplace usually entails looking at electric fireplaces as the first step. Unfortunately, they do not provide any real or authentic flames. Fortunately, ethanol fireplaces are the perfect replacement.

We’re often met by surprised customers who ask: “Is it really real flames?” – and yes, it really is. The flames are vibrant and move slowly as they burn. As the flames are real, they also produce a good amount of heat. Usually, an ethanol fireplace produces around 2-3 kW, which is the equivalent of a radiator on full effect.

Remember that the fireplaces have no heat loss due to the lack of a flue; therefore all the heat is distributed into the room.

Art intelligent ethanol burner AF Models

Design Ethanol Fireplace Inserts Model af66 with remote control

modern desin indoor ethanol burner af120 insert with remote control

design urban concept art ethanol fireplace af100 model

art intelligent ethanol burner af66 model with remote

Art Bio ethanol burner insert 180cm long with remote control

Art Intelligent Burner With Remote Control models
Art Intelligent Burner With Remote Control models
intelligent ethanol burner inserts
intelligent ethanol burner inserts

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