New design ethanol burner AF80 inserts allows the flames to develop freely and in a very natural way. The intermediate solution for a dynamic fire which remains compatible with the medium-sized rooms.
Easy Fire,Wisdom Flame,Healthy Warm!

Model AF80 Featured Designs and Functions:

  1. Art Intelligent ethanol fireplace extinction or ignition ordered by electric board and a Button ON/OFF and remote control.
  2. Material in stainless and MDF.
  3. Separately bio-ethanol tank and burning hearth.
  4. Co2 Safety infrared detector which stops the fire in the event of reaching un-authorized levels.
  5. Automatic electric pump to fill the burner.
  6. With electronic heat detectors, it will automatic extinction when the temperature reaching the un-authorized levels.
  7. AC charger or battery charger with battery loader.
    8, With audio effect.
  8. Child Lock Function.

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Art Fireplace have a large range of intelligent ethanol burners with length from 40-300cm long
And we also suppply 3D Water Vapor Burners with advanced designs and functions.

Customized products:
price according to customer requirements size and quantity a single report!
Normal duration of 10-15 workdays (expedited orders, please consult customer service and sales)

FAQ of art fireplace

Q: Are you manufacturer or trade company? Can accept OEM?
A: We are professional manufacturer, which can customize the goods by your requirements.

Q. May i have a sample order for Any Fireplace?
A: Sure, welcome your sample order to test quality before bulk order. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q:How long is the delivery time?
A:5-10days for small order,15-25days for bulk order, Specific time depends on detailed quantity and models mixed.

Q:Do you have any MOQ limit for fireplace order?
A: No MOQ, 1pc for sample is available

Q. Is it OK to print my logo on fireplace product?
A: Yes, we can print your logo or brand on fireplaces by laser cutting machine,please send us your logo or brand before production.

Q: How do the warranty for your products look like ? I mean what we should do if something will not work properly? And what is the warranty period for your products?
A:We offer 2 year warranty period for the products, if general problems, we will solve them by our engineer suggestion, with pictures or video, the customer can debug it easily, also we can send relative accessories for replacement, if still can’t be solved, please send it back to factory for free repairing.

Q:Do you have any documentation for your products (manuals , repair guide or other)?
A:Yes, we have installation, use and maintenance manual book, and regarding accessories.

Q: Customized Orders available?
A:Yes.We accept customized products requests.

Art Design Ethanol Fireplace

AF80-Slim Model