A water vapor fireplace is an artificial electric fireplace that uses water mist and LEDs to create a realistic flame illusion. This is a new technology of artificial fires that only use water and therefore are totally safe, do not generate carbon monoxide and are a green alternative to conventional wood burning fireplaces.Of course, you can’t use a water vapor fireplace for heating. But on the positive side you can use it all summer long!
These artificial fires use an ultrasonic mist maker to generate cool mist. The mist maker module consists of a ceramic disk vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies. These vibrations create water droplets that reflect the light produced by the LEDs. As a result, they create an unbelievably realistic artificial flame illusion.
Water mist fireplaces can also be used as a humidifier to keep the space suitable for skin and breath.
And with multipled functions,such as multiple colors,music players,color-music mixed functions etc..

Advantages of Art Water stream Fires:
Art Fireplace Team Focus on Intelligent Fires.Both Bio ethanol Fires and Water Mist Fires.
1,We use low voltage 24V input for the devices,and Stainless Steel Top plate with different colors,any customized request are available.
2, easy to install and operate the devices.
3,All devices come with spare parts for replacement.It is easy to change the LEDs and vapor makers.
4,Multiple Color models with App Control And Loudspealer.

What Is Art Water Vapor Fire Places Difference