For all of you who failed to enjoy the pleasure of a fireplace because of a modest environment like a condo or an apartment, or simply because it is not allowed, there now is an alternative. Art Bioethanol fireplaces offer a unique and ecological way for you to enjoy the warmth and comfort you are looking for.
How to Install and Use Art intelligent ethanol fires?

The Structure and Design of Art Ethanol Burner:

All our products come with 1 handset and 1 power adaptor amd Spare parts.

Art Intelligent ethanol burner

How to Install the burner steadly.

Install the bio ethanol burner

Connect Power Supply to the Burner

automatic home electronic ethanol fireplace

All our products come with power adaptor with plug

An adapter is provided with your fireplace:INPUT 100-240 volt 50/60 Hz and OUTPUT 12V/7A or 12V 10A.

Before positioning,the device must be connected with the supplied adapter to the power supply.

4,Open the tank door immediately,add moderate alcohol to stainless steel bio burner.

refill bio ethanol fireplace insert safely

Notice:You absolutely need to close the tank trap door if you want to ignite your ethanol fireplace.For sercurity reasons a system will check and lock the trap door before ignition.If the tank door is not closed,the LED screen will show”Door″.So after filling the ethanol tank,you need closed the tank door before using the thanol fireplace devices.

5.Press the switch ON/OFF DURING 5 SECONDS or press on the remote control.after a few seconds an automatic ignition will take place.

art ethanol burner with remote controller

Operation of Igniting the bio ethanol fireplaces:

1,Press the right button under the LED during FIVE SECONDS.
2,The LED will show the operating time.
3,the Pump will operate to pump the bioethanol into the trough of the fireplace.
4,Then the igniter will work to ignite the ethanol.
5,the temperature get above 78℃,it will ignite the ethanol.
For the first the fireplace is used,we suggest to fill up the tank until it is full.
Because when the burner is new,there is air inside the pump and the pipe,
so it is a little bit difficult for the pump to pump the ethanol to the fireplace Trough.
If the tank is full ,the pressure of the liquid could push the air out from the pump and the pipe,
then the pump can work normal.
So Our suggestion is to fill up the tank until it is full,and try to start the burner again.
If the problem still exists, you need to open the fireplace, the step is as below:
1.Clean all the ethanol out from the tank, make sure the tank is empty.
2.Lossen the screws which are used to fis the top plate and the black box.
3.Take the top plate out from the black box.But when you try to take the top plate out from the black box ,please
pay attention,because there is two wires connceted between the top plate and the black box,you need to disconnect these two wires.
4.The pump system is on the one side of the fireplace.The main problem is the air inside the pump,so Please try to push some liquid inside the pipe which is connected between the pump and the tank,then the pump could work normal.

About Restart of Art fireplace with safety function:

After shutting the fireplace,the Alcohol Tray is hot.If you want to restart,you need to wait arround 5 minutes until the temperature of the tray is bellow 60℃。If you start it immediately after shut off the fireplace,the “TEMP” will show on the LED screen.