Art Fireplaces create heat, but do not require to be vented and do not require a flue. 100% Safe And Eco Friendly Ethanol Fire with Remote Controller

Ethanol Fireplace is an environmentally friendly fashion emission-free fireplace [Production can be customized ]. Because fireplace fuel combustion is smokeless, odorless, non-toxic, and does not require any utilities (wood, gas, coal, electricity) aspects of the fuel supply. This makes it suitable for any architectural environment (halls, hotels, villas, apartments, offices, residential and other environments). Because it uses a renewable fuel modern energy (ethanol), and clean burning, it is almost maintenance-free. Meanwhile, Art Ethanol fireplace has significant design flexibility, its design style is more in line with the consumer fireplace function and appearance of individual needs.

Art Fireplace AF Model bio ethanol burners with 40–290cm length — Without Flame Control

AF40,AF50,AF66,AF70,AF80, AF100,AF110,AF120,AF130,AF150,AF180,AF210,AF230,AF250,AF270,AF290

Square Burners,Round burner And Wall mount Bio Ethanol fireplace:AH66,AH100

Any Customized Model are available.

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Art Fireplace AF Model bio ethanol burners with 80–152cm length — With Flame Control

The beauty of ethanol (or bio fuel) fireplaces, is that 100% of the heat generated, stays in your room! Absolutely NO heat loss, resulting in a 100% efficient and all around green product to help keep your home or business warm! Most of ArtFireplace Electric Fires are also flame adjustable, which allow you to control the heat output of your fireplace! Something that can not be performed with wood, gas or electric products, and most other ethanol fireplace manufacturers. Using patented technology, you can rest assured that your fireplace will be efficient for years to come! With Flame Regulated Models, with different outputs, the ethanol fires can be suitable for different spaces. The new flame controlled ethanol fireplaces can bring a totally different new experience to your home in terms of combining the advantages of the former ethanol fireplaces.

The fireplaces have different flame heights: High Flame, Medium Flame, Low Flame total 3 stages Flames

Flame controlled Fireplace with Remote Controller And Manual Buttons.

AF80, AF100,AF110,AF120,AF130,AF150 etc…

Any Customized Model are available.

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Customized Models are avialable here…

Art Fireplace AFM Model Manual ethanol fires

No power or cables are required and it can be mounted everywhere. Manual bioethanol burners and fireplaces can be installed and placed freely, because they do not require any power or other cable connection, nor does it need a chimney, vent or flue. The only factor to consider is which size you want the burner to have.However, you, of course, still need to be aware of general fire hazards and safety distances. You can read about safety distances in our guide on the subject. Manual bioethanol burners are cheap Bio ethanol fires have existed for some years, with the manufacturers continuously optimising the production costs. Furthermore, the manual burners does not require any digital technology, and this means that the prices of manual bio fireplaces are quite low at this point.

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