Relationship between round manual ethanol fireplace and manual ethanol fireplace.

The alcohol fireplace is a kind of ventless fireplace, which uses biomass ethanol alcohol as a fuel source. You can use many types of such appliances indoors and outdoors. Since they do not require chimneys or gas pipes, these convenient devices can be moved to any place you want. Using an alcohol fireplace indoors or outdoors is as easy as lighting a match.

What is benefits of Round Manual Ethanol Fireplace?

1,More suitable For outdoor decoration

Manual ethanol round firewall is an improvement based on manual ethanol firewall. Compared with manual ethanol firewall, manual ethanol round firewall has better waterproof function than manual ethanol firewall and is more suitable for outdoor decoration.

2,Easy To install anywhere you want

Manual ethanol round fireplace has the same flexibility as manual bio ethanol burner. No power or cables are required and it can be mounted everywhere. Manual Ethanol Round Fireplace can be installed and placed freely, because they do not require any power or other cable connection, nor does it need a chimney, vent or flue. The only factor to whether you want a tall or short manual ethanol round fireplace Of course, the manual ethanol round fireplace has a glass protective cover. If there are children at home, it is safer than the manual bio ethanol burner.

3,Longer burning time

Manual ethanol round fireplace has longer burning time than manual ethanol fires. It burns bio mass in a round hole and the consumption is not too much per hour.

Usually it have about 7hours full burning is 2 times longer burning time than manual ethanol burners.

Benefits Of Round Manual Ethanol Fire