Ethanol fireplaces are ventless, requiring no construction, no chimney and no gas lines. Using bio ethanol fuel, this thing creates beautiful real flames — safely and with no smoke,no ask,no smell.modern design intelligent ethanol fireplace with remote control
Art Fireplace recommand you a new conception of customized fireline box that fit your need.All devices come ready to use and easy to install. Whether for modern or traditional interior design for personal or business, the key to a good choice lies in the use of an insert that is easy to both use and install, and which can fit in your interior design without distorting it.It will save your time and money,above,it will add a class to your modern design–Focal Point!!!

Top Six Reasons to Choose Art Bio Ethanol Fireplaces:

A real fire is a stunning addition to any home or garden; whether designed as a subtle statement or a dramatic centrepiece, there is a unique attraction to dancing, flickering flames that simply cannot be matched by any imitation. Bio ethanol fires are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional wood or coal burning fire – and here are some of the top reasons why.

1 – No Chimney, No Vent

This is one of the biggest advantages of bio ethanol – you can have flueless fires. Because bio ethanol burns cleanly, there’s no need to install a chimney, making it suitable for many locations where a traditional fire would be impossible. In addition, unlike other kinds of flueless fire, there’s no need to install a permanent vent in the room either; you just need to be able to let in a little fresh air if you’re going to have it lit continuously for an extended period of time.

2 – Flexible Design

Again thanks to bio ethanol’s clean-burning qualities, you’ll have much more flexibility in the design of your fireplace. If you want a white fireplace, you can have it – there will be very little soot produced by a bio ethanol burner, so the white finish will stay pristine. Similarly, you can use glass or a range of other materials that would be damaged or stained by the soot and smoke of a traditional wood or coal fire.

3 – Easy Use

Bio ethanol comes in neat bottles, so there’s no need to carry heavy and messy coal or wood through the house. All you need to do is top up the container of the burner and you’re ready to go. Of course, as with any fire there are safety precautions – always make sure that the fire is out and the container is cool before you top up the fuel.

4 – Eco-Friendly

Bio ethanol is a sustainable product, unlike fossil fuels such as coal, and doesn’t produce smoke to pollute the local atmosphere. They’re not just decorative, they are an effective way of producing warmth, so they can help you to heat your home in style without impacting upon the environment.

5 – Natural flame

The bioethanol burns in the tray directly and fully just like a phonies raising from ashes.The Flame jumps up and down burning and gererating a wisdom heat.High light the value of your Unique fire Space.

6 – Safty Intelligent Ethanol Fireplace Inserts

Art Fireplace offers high technology and a safe range of ethanol fireplaces.Art ethanol burner are equipped with sensors Heat, CO2, filling, tank gauge, etc.If any illegal operatons occours,the device will automatically stop while showing error message on the LCD screen.We try to develop new tech functions to keep safety essential for users.All comes with safe and intelligent and add peace of mind to your Living Space.

Before it comes to deciding on the design of your new ethanol fireplace, it is essential to choose between automatics and manuals.

Manual burners are basically a simple box filled with several litres of bio ethanol. The burner is actually the reservoir, which means that there is a direct contact between the fuel and the flame. To start the fireplace you need to use a lighter and ignite the fuel. Because of that, the odor is noticeable while the fireplace is on and when it is cooling down after shutdown. There is no flame height regulation or safety sensors, which makes the manual ethanol fireplaces more risky to use.

Automatic ethanol fireplaces are more technically advanced. The reservoir and burner are separated, which means that there is no direct contact between the fuel and the flame. This ensures cleanest combustion process and no smell, smoke or ash. Igniting and shutting down the device is fully automatic. The fireplace can be controlled with a remote or through control panel. Some models allows for wireless operation through smart devices and Smart Home systems. Automatic ethanol burners are equipped with safety sensors overseeing the work of the fireplace.david-Sol-ethanol-fireplace-af180-insert

Ethanol Fireplace – No Chimney, No Venting, Perfect For Your Condo