For a warm and friendly atmosphere to space a real fire! But not everyone has the space and the possibility of installing a wood burning fireplace. Realize the dream of a fireplace in the apartment with a bio ethanol fireplace and enjoy the great games of flames. ethanol fireplaces come in many styles and shapes. As we think green, we will briefly show you the benefits of bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Bio ethanol fireplace spelling ecological demand against
If you have a fireplace at home, you know that beautiful and pleasant atmosphere is connected to the fire. Besides the quality of eco-chimneys also impress with their environmental and economic benefits. Bio ethanol fireplace is always popular, especially because of its small size for many years. The decorative fireplace can be installed anywhere or mount it safely. Different models at low prices can be found in DIY stores – homes in the table, as fireplaces, wall fireplaces, fireplace.

Create a cozy atmosphere with fireplace bio ethanol
A lot of people opened fire combine comfort. Bioethanol fireplace is odorless and smokeless and provides a thermal performance. Bioethanol is a pure and natural product. It is made from sugar crops by fermentation. The purer ethanol, more heat generation. However, do not heat the whole apartment by one. Aufgrung of formation of carbon dioxide and condensation must always be made for an adequate supply of fresh air.

Bio Fireplace characterized by long life
The lighting is no longer a problem with the eco-car. Cooking technology continues to evolve. Bioethanol fireplace is equipped with bio-boxes. Thank you to integrated control systems can control the flame height and heat output and even remove the chimney at any time.

Establish a bio-fireplace in your own premises
Bio-fireplace is safe, convenient, beautiful to look at and are available throughout the day from the heat. Even lovers of wood fireplaces are attracting more and more towards the comfort of bio-fireplaces.
Design Bio fireplace wall of the highest quality

Art Design automatic bio ethanol burner insert AF66

Art Bio Ethanol Fireplace In Top Quality