art Eethanol fireplace insert Model AF150

AF150 electronic automatic insert Alcohol bio ethanol fireplaces/pellet stove burners:

– Use only in rooms of minimum 40 m2
– Dimensions: 152.0 / 24.0 / 21.3 cm
– Insert Hole Mini Size: 148.0 / 22.0 / 25.0cm
– Output: 10 000 W
– Capacity of the tank: 15 L
– Consumption:1.65L/hour
– Remote control: Yes
– Net Weight: 34 kg
– Gross Weight: 45 kg

1. Automatic bioethanol fireplace extinction or ignition ordered by electric board and a Button ON/OFF and remote control.
2. Material in stainless and MDF.
3. Separately bio-ethanol tank and burning hearth
4. Co2 Safety infrared detector which stops the fire in the event of reaching un-authorized levels.
5. Automatic electric pump to fill the burner
6. With electronic heat detectors, it will automatice extinction when the temperature reaching the un-authorized levels.
7. AC charger or battery charger with battery loader.
8, With audio effect.
9. OEM service provided, please contact with us for more informations and models
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Safety instructions:
Do not blow into the fire.
Never leave the fire unattended.
Keep children and pets at a safe distance.
Be careful with inflammable closes or hair.
Avoid physical contact with the bio ethanol.
The flame should never directly touch the inside of the metal insert.
Do not smoke while re-filling or lighting the burner. Risk of explosion!
Do not place paper, cardboard, fabric(clothes)etc. On the burner or around it.
WARNING! Never re-fill a hot or warm bio ethanol fireplace. Risk of explosion!
Important: The bio ethanol fireplace is to be used for decorative purposes and not as a heater.
The use of the bio ethanol fireplace as a multi-burner or open fire for liquid or solid combustible materials is not permitted.
It is prohibited for children, people under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications, or people who are physically or mentally not in good condition, to use the bio ethanol fireplace.
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1.Customized products:
ethanol price according to customer requirements size and quantity a single report!
Normal duration of 10-15 work days (expedited orders, please consult customer service and sales)
2.We also have many models of manual alcohol ethanol fireplaces.
Detailed information about art bio ethanol fireplaces, please contact us!ethanol fireplace ventless insert AF150

Among the best in art fireplace design, the AF150 Remote Controlled Electronic Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert is favored by architects, contractors and high-end designers and offers the discerning client unprecedented quality and safety. In addition to the same vent-free and clean burning flames as manual ethanol fireplace inserts, this art-fire bio ethanol burner offers much more for both residential and commercial applications.

Remote Control Capability. Due to its electronic operation, powered by a twelve-volt power source, this ethanol fireplace insert may be ignited and extinguished through an on/off switch located on the burner itself, a one-button remote control or through your smart phone by integrating with your Smart Home System.

On-Board Safety Monitoring. The motherboard of this fireplace insert is safety-central. Constantly self-evaluating its operation, this intelligent burner reacts to any condition that appears atypical. Should it sense an excess amount of carbon dioxide emission or heat output, it will automatically cease operation, extinguish the flame and maintain the lock mechanism of the fuel chamber. Additionally, it will self-extinguish should it sense seismic motion or level of tilt making it a shock-proof device. Fuel and battery levels are also constantly evaluated for optimal performance and will give notification through the burner’s LED display, which will indicate operation times and alert you by sound and error message should an event occur.

Sturdy Construction. Constructed of Grade 304 stainless steel, the ethanol burner is corrosion resistant and exhibits excellent resistance to atmospheric, chemical and other exposures. Its top plate measures three millimeters in thickness (3/32 inches). This allows sturdiness, yet promotes a low profile. For added safety, the fireplace AF150 offers insulated double hearth construction.

Separate Fuel Reservoir and Burner Tray. Continuing with the unprecedented safety features of this ethanol fireplace burner, excess fuel is housed in a sealed reservoir. This not only prevents fuel evaporation and the aromatic release of the raw ethanol, but lessens the amount of “exposed” fuel at any given time. Through a medical grade fuel pump, the ethanol is delivered into the burner tray. Only allowing the burner tray to manage a few centiliters of ethanol fuel at a given time promotes additional safety and minimizes the risk of fire-related dangers.automatic bio ethanol fireplace manufacture artfireplace china

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