What is Bio Ethanol, Which Type Can I Use In Art Fireplace Devices & Where Can I Find It?

What is Bio Ethanol, Which Type Can I Use In Art Fireplace Devices & Where Can I Find It?

The bio ethanol used in Art Fireplace devices must be liquid with a concentration of 95% to 97%. Attention: gels are not appropriate for Art Fireplace combustion blocks. Vehicle fuel and any other combustible are strictly prohibited from use in all Art Fireplace products. No additives may be added to the combustible (perfume, essential oils, etc.).

Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions about Bioethanol Fireplaces Inserts

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Frequently-asked practical and technical questions about installing an art ethanol burner or fireplace
– What electric power is required?
– What is the autonomy of a device?
– Besides the flame, does the combustion block get hot?
– Which materials can be used around a burner? What is the safe distance and do I have to ventilate the recess?
– What materials can be used around a fireplace?
– How long does installation take?
– Is maintenance necessary?
– Besides the ethanol and electricity, do I need anything else?
– Do art fire inserts provide heating?
– Do you provide technical support?

How to Install an intelligent ethanol Fireplace in the Wall

AF120 lareira automática etanol com controle remoto

Wall mounted electric ethanol fireplaces have a very contemporary look. By elevating your fireplace, this feature is more prominent in your home. It looks sleek, modern, and stylish. If installing a wall fireplace isn’t a feasible solution, you can always consider standard electric inserts which slide into your existing firebox and offer simple installation procedures.