Liquid ethanol fuel has a low flash point and is therefore considered highly flammable. As such it can produce a flash or explosion if it comes into contact with an open flame or other source of ignition. Due to this, ethanol fireplace safety becomes imperative and all the necessary safety measures must be observed in order to minimize the occurrence of any accidents. That is why it is so important that anyone making use of any bio ethanol fireplace fuel familiarize themselves carefully with all instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer of the ethanol fuel, as well as the fireplace of device in which fuel is intended to be burned. These usually can be found on the bottle label for the fuel, on the device itself, or in literature provided inside the packaging that arrived with your device.refuel ethanol fireplace safe

Refueling of your fireplace demands caution and attention:

Refueling your ethanol fireplace is a common task you will need to master. This is when liquid fireplace ethanol presents the greatest danger, and following safety precautions are imperative to ensure a safe refuel and prevent any possible accidents.

Best To Use A Ethanol Fuel Bottle With A Flame Arrestor:

We recommand the safest solutions for refueling your ethanol fireplace. Every bottle of ethanol fireplace fuel has a flame arrestor firmly embedded in the bottle opening. A flame arrestor will prevent any flame from entering the bottle and possibly causing a flash or explosion. We highly recommend that you avoid use of any ethanol that is delivered in bottles that are not protected by such a device. Without a safety pour bottle, the risk of setting off a flash or explosion is greatly during the process of refueling.

Never Refuel a Lit or Hot Burner:

Another important ethanol fire safety tip that needs to be observed during the refueling process is to monitor the temperature of the burner. Refueling should only be done when the burner is cool to the touch. A hot burner causes the ethanol fireplace fuel to generate more vapors rendering it more volatile. No attempt to refuel should ever be done on a burner or one that is lit. It is important to ensure all flames and any burning embers are completely extinguished. Ignoring this rule is simply courting a disaster, and when it strikes it can result in severe personal injury and property damage.

Make Certain The Immediate Area Is Clear:

When refueling your device it is important to be aware of the area directly surrounding the device. When adding ethanol fireplace fuel to your fireplace ensure the immediate area is clear, ask any individuals (particularly minor children) to stand clear of the area. Be sure the area is clear of any flammable materials and that no open flame or source of ignition (cigarette, electrical spark, etc) are present in the immediate vicinity.

Store Fuel in a Secure Place Away From Heat, Spark, and Sunlight:

Ethanol fuel should always be stored securely away from the fireplace or any source of heat, and electrical equipment that could generate a spark. Its best to store your ethanol fireplace fuel in a cool location where it is not in direct sunlight.

Never Let Minor Children Handle Ethanol Fuel or Operate Fireplace

Never let a minor child refuel a fireplace burner, or handle ethanol fuel. Use the same precaution and respect you would give to use of gasoline.

Follow These Simple Rules And Enjoy Your Ethanol Fireplace

It may sound simple but observing these ethanol fireplace safety tips during refueling of your ethanol fireplace can be the difference between a safe and enjoyable experience and a serious or even life-threatening accident for the person refueling and those around the fireplace. So familiarize yourself fully with the instructions for operation and refueling of your fireplace, be aware of your surroundings, and take appropriate caution.

When these safety precautions are taken, using an ethanol fireplace can be a safe and enjoyable experience for you, your family and your friends.fill bio ethanol fireplace inserts

Notice:You absolutely need to close the tank trap door if you want to ignite your ethanol fireplace.For sercurity reasons a system will check and lock the trap door before ignition.If the tank door is not closed,the LCD screen will show”Er06″.So after filling the ethanol tank,you need closed the tank door before using the thanol fireplace devices.Intelligent-Ethanol-fireplace-insert-with-remote-control

How to Safely Refuel an Ethanol Fireplace Inserts