Art Intelligent Ethanol Fireplaces for modern designs

Art Ethanol fireplace inserts operate largely the same as regular ethanol fireplaces. The main difference to look out for is whether you’re purchasing a manual or automatic ethanol insert. Manual ethanol fireplace inserts are typically used in outdoor settings, so you won’t have to worry about the elements and their impact on electronic parts.
With a manual fireplace insert, you’ll add fuel, use a lighter to ignite the flames, and then manually adjust the burner to choose the flame height or intensity. Turning off the fire is as simple as using an included damper tool.
Automatic fireplace inserts can typically also be operated manually, but for ease of use, they’re usually controlled via electronic devices. There may be a touch panel on your fireplace insert or remote control. Many electronic ethanol fireplace inserts can also be turned on and off with an app via a smart device like your tablet or phone, or even smart home system. With an automatic fireplace insert, you’ll not only be able to easily turn the fire on and off, you may also be able to control the flame height, set an auto-shutoff timer, and even monitor fuel consumption. Some electronic ethanol inserts also have an auto-refill function to save you the hassle of refilling your tank on a frequent basis.
Commercial fireplace inserts may be hooked up to an external fuel tank – brands like Decoflame offer this option. An external fuel tank means less-frequent refills, plus the security of your fuel away from guests or patrons of your establishment.
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We invite you to browse our collection of ethanol fireplace inserts as a starting point for your design dreams. If you’re looking for a custom size, color, or shape, contact us to learn about what options may be available. Fireplace inserts offer more flexibility than any other type of fireplace – including gas, wood-burning, and even other models of ethanol fireplaces. Create a one-of-a-kind fire installation in your home or business and enjoy warm, cozy feelings for years to come.

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