Function Features of Art Electronic Ethanol Fireplaces & Burners

Unique & Special Design
With an electronic insert, the reservoir and the burner are separated. The burner is constantly fed by a pump. It is smaller in size and is isolated from the body of the device.So do not worry that the panel of the stainless steel fireplace is too hot.The insert is therefore cold and the burner only contains a few centiliters of ethanol being burned. Therefore, electronic fireplaces can be installed in any sort of housing.ethanol fireplace ventless insert AF150

Operational Safety
The use of fire must absolutely be safe. The many detectors in an our electronic combustion block will automatically stop the flames if an anomaly occurs during operation. If some unnormal operation or unsafe surrounds happens,the Fireplace will show the Error Messages on the LCD screen and the fireplace will stop burning.
Please check the error messages bellow:safty functions of automatic ethanol fireplace inserts china

Refilling the reservoir and gauge
The most common accidents with manual device occur when refilling a hot reservoir or one that isn’t entire extinguished. Indeed, if the device stops because it is out of fuel and if you still want to keep using it, you will need to refill the reservoir. This moment is critical because you must be absolutely sure that the fire is completely extinguished and that the burner is cold.

Art electronic devices are equipped with a level probe. An audible and visible alarm warns the user when the reservoir is full, therefore preventing spilling the combustible. It also indicates Er00 when the reservoir is empty And Er01 when the ethanol tank is full.fill bio ethanol fireplace inserts

About Restart of Art fireplace with safety function:

After shutting the fireplace,the Alcohol Tray is hot.If you want to restart,you need to wait arround 5 minutes until the temperature of the tray is bellow 60℃。If you start it immediately after shut off the fireplace,the ER02 will show on the LCD screen,So the Fireplace will will work until the alcohol tray cool functions of automatic ethanol fireplaces inserts

Clean burning and adjusting the flame
While it is more technical and more difficult to understand for beginners, this notion of clean combustion is still essential. All specialists agree that proper combustion is complete combustion. This means that it transforms its combustible into heat while emitting the least waste as possible. It should be specified that this residue can be dangerous, such as carbon monoxide.
In an electronic device, the burner is small and well aerated. It is permanently fed with a pump. The pumps pump the ethanol into the tray exposed.The gas/air mixture is therefore ideal and combustion has ideal output.af180 ethanol fireplace

Lighting and extinguishing

With an Art electronic ethanol fireplace, lighting is done automatically, by simply pressing a button ON/OFF. There is no need to bring your hands near the flame. Also, this means you’re only lighting a few centiliters of the combustible injected by the pump and not the entire quantity of ethanol like in a manual reservoir burner.Automatic Bioethanol fireplace insert Model

art intelligent decorate fireplace with remote control
art intelligent decorate fireplace with remote control
Art intelligent ethanol burner inserts AF Models
Art intelligent ethanol burner inserts AF Models
design urban concept art ethanol fireplace af100 model
Function Features of Art Electronic Ethanol Fireplaces