FAQ of art fireplace

Answers to your questions about Purchasing An Art Intelligent Bioethanol Fireplaces Fireline Inserts:

Where can I purchase a burner or fireplace? How do I order and pay and what are the delivery times and guarantees?

What is bioethanol? Which ones are used by Art fireplaces and where can I find it?

What are the advanced function features of art electronic ethanol fireplaces?

– Differences in design(66cm-180cm rectangular fireline bioethanol fireplaces)
– Safety of operation(Errror Message will show on the LCD screen)
– Refilling the reservoir and gauge(Er01 will show on LCD when tank is full)
– Clean burning(95% Eco friendly fuel)
– Lighting and extinguishing control(Remote control and manual operation)
– Odors and dangers

Answers to your questions about installing art fireplace devices

Do I need to call upon a professional to design and install an art fireplace area?

It is EASY to install a fire area with our devices.
Installing an electronic ethanol fireplace or burner is not difficult at all. This installation can be done in a few minutes and no need special knowledge or instruments. All our models are delivered “ready-to-use”.Do it follow your minds.

Adapter positon must be considered When Designing.power-supply-and-fuel-remote-bioethanol-burner

On What Kind Of Walls Can I Mount My Fireplace Onto?

For the wall mount models, only mount them on a sturdy, flat, vertical wall surface. You can mount it against brick, drywall, stone, tile, and wallpapered walls. Do not mount it on any wall with flammable materials like a fabric or cloth covering. Make sure the provided spacers so that the ethanol fireplace is not directly against the wall.

How Do I Add Ethanol Fuel To My Fireplace?
NEVER add ethanol fuel to a fireplace that is already burning or hot. Carefully pour the fuel directly into the fuel tank using a funnel or other pouring device. Attention:Hot tray can cause fire and may hurt people!

Frequently-asked practical and technical questions about installing an art ethanol burner fireplace(Tech Data Sheets On Quests!)

– What kind electric power is required?
– What is the autonomy of a device?
– Besides the flame, does the combustion block get hot?
– What is the safe distance and do I have to ventilate the recess?
– What materials can be used around art fireplaces?
– How long does installation take?
– Is maintenance necessary or not?
– Besides the ethanol and electricity, do I need anything else?
– Do art fireplace inserts provide heating?
– Do you provide after sale technical support?

Errors And Functioning messages

Data Sheets and Video On Request!!!

We hope this page will help you answer the questions you may have about installing an art ethanol fireplace insert or fireplace. However, the technical and sales departments of the Art fireplace Technology Limited are available for any special requests or specific technical questions. You will find below a link to contact us.Once we get your request,We will get back to you in 1 hour!!!We have prefessional engineers and sales to help you all!!!art fireplace automatic ethanol burner inserts

insert ventless ethanol fireplace AF180

wooden package of auto bioethanol fireplace insert

art intelligent decorate fireplace with remote control
art intelligent decorate fireplace with remote control
art ethanol fireplace AF100 With remote control
art ethanol fireplace AF100 With remote control
Art intelligent ethanol burner inserts AF Models
Art intelligent ethanol burner inserts AF Models
design urban concept art ethanol fireplace af100 model
Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions about Bioethanol Fireplaces Inserts