Install Remote Controlled Ethanol Ventless Fireplaces Inserts

art automatic ethanol fireplace unique design fire space

A constraint-free device, very  easy to use !

1.Read the user guide
Before any use, the ventless hearth must be installed according to the prescriptions of User Guide.
Please read it carefully

user guide of bio fireplace insert All our ethanol fireplaces have been subject to strict tests and you will install it within a few minutes. The range was designed to meet the demand of our customers who want a product which is easy to install, simple to use and reliable to. Art fireplace created high-end innovative fire-spaces.

2.How to install your wall insert fireplace
Fix securely and horizontally the bioethanol fireplace
Ask us for the data-sheet of installation accordingly to the chosen model.Data Sheet On Request!
3.Power supply

Connect the supplied 12V adapter.(Adapter position must be considered when designing)

ethanol firepalce with remote control

4.How to Install a Fireplace Insert
Insert the ethanol burner

5. Fill the tank

Left button: unlock the door of the tank

Right button: switch on / off

insert ventless bioethanol fireplaces
Use only bioethanol 95 – 97°
Press on the button left button. The door is unlocked, open the door quickly and fill the tank with a funnel.
When the tank is full a beep warns you and “FULL/SHUT” is displayed on the LED screen.

Put the cap back on and close the door of the tank. After a few seconds the door will be locked
Never fill the fireplace directly, fill the bioethanol tank
That’s all !!! Now press on remote control or the button of your ventless fireplace or insert

ethanol fireplace insert af120 with remote control


Never fill the burner directly, fill the bioethanol tank

Never fill the ethanol tank on hot burner.

warning of insert bioethanol fireplace.png

6. Maintenance

Except cleaning with a soft cloth it does not need maintenance. But prior to performing any service the dervice must be cold (see the instruction guide).Keep hard and sharp tools away from the panel of your bio fireplace.Never Directly touch your fireplace panel because of fingerprint.

Easy Fire,Wisdom Flame,Healthy Warm!

To avoid the problem of a flame following the vapor trail into the bottle and creating a flash. you had better uses a FLAME ARRESTOR to block the flame from entering the bottle, while still allowing the fuel to pour freely. This small plastic device embedded in the opening of the bottle of ethanol fireplace fuel can prevent a flash and keep you and your loved ones from injury. It is important to INSIST that any bottle you purchase of Ethanol Fireplace Fuel has such a device in the opening of the bottle. If not, you open yourself to risk!

avoid risk of ethanol fireplace


art ethanol fireplace AF100 With remote control

intelligent ethanol fireplace af150 model

automatic ethanol burners with remote control

Install Remote Controlled Ethanol Ventless Fireplaces Inserts