ART FIREPLACE has been successfully used in indoor for many years, but it has become more and more popular for residential and commercial use recent years. One of your neighbors may have already made the transition, but unless you looked closely, you may not have even noticed that they have replaced their Fireplace with an modern insert ventless bioethanol fireplace. Art Fireplace will save you time and money.

Obviously, a modern stainless steel fireplace does not require chimney. Chimney has become a precious commodity in many parts of the world and conservation is not only encouraged, but mandated by restrictions. Like anything, the law of supply and demand is in effect and as chimney becomes scarcer, the cost of providing it will also increase. In addition, some parts of the country regularly experience much lower temperatures and espercial heavy strom. Fireplaces in these regions do not work well in the absence of regular raining. With indoor fireplaces,it is not a problem anymore.

There are many other costs associated with conditional fireplaces, It is important to factor in the cost of building it. If you hire someone to bulid up your chimney, that is an additional expense that is eliminated with the installation of a fireplace with chimney.Our insert ethanol fireplace only need a wooden box and a marble panel on the wooden box,It is easy to install and save you much time.

And the most important thing is that art fireplace is a automatic ethanol fireplace.Art fireplace technology limited is a prefessional automatic stainless steel insert ventless ethanol firepalce factory from China.We are Automatic ethanol fireplace system leader.We sell our products directly and serve our customers with more than 5 years experience.For the whole process of using our fireplaces,we have appointed engineer to server you

Your insert ethanol fireplace will always look healthy and green without spending hours maintaining it.
Although you may never have considered modern insert ethanol fireplace for your home, its time has come. This type of fireplace looks natural and attractive. It is an investment that adds to the value of your property. Next winter investigate how a ethanol fireplace can save you time and money.

Automatic Ethanol Fireplace AF180 with 180cm Long:

af180 ethanol fireplace

Easy To Install:


ART FIREPLACE Save Your Time and Money