Are you going to import modern intelligent fireplaces instead of purchasing locally to get more profit?
Are you planning to change to a more reliable fireplace supplier?
Are you seeking a part-time or full-time business opportunity?
Are you simply adding intelligent fires as a profitable sideline to an existing business?

Art Fire is the right choice for you!

Our dealership benefits including:

  • Stable quality, without worries behind.
  • Dealer price: Make sure the prices are competitive on your market.
  • OEM/ODM available. We can provide dealers tailor-made intelligent fire products. We recommend the appropriate products for your specific market according to our experience, or we produce according to the samples you provided(The products provided can not infringe others’ patents. Firstly we will make same samples for approval).
  • Professional team support.
  • Marketing support: Marketing suggestions; free marketing materials printing; Free website and hosting if needed(Or IT support)
  • Robust warranty

If you are interested to be a dealer of us, please fill out the contact form. We will have a representative to contact you within 24 hours.